The Bless Her Heart Gals

fishyfoto-nancyminklerheadshotsaug2016-25322editweb                       Heidi Brook Myers

               Nancy Minkler                                                      Heidi Brook Myers

             Bonnie Hallman

Bonnie Hallman

Originally from the South, and now residing in Los Angeles, the Bless Her Heart gals crossed paths in a myriad of ways. Nancy and Heidi met in college and have been friends for over 25 years. Bonnie and Heidi met through the LA theatre scene, where they worked on various plays together. Finally, these three forces of nature ended up on set together filming a trailer for… of all things… a zombie novel. In true Southern fashion, the gals began gabbing away about the various projects each was involved in, and soon the chatter turned to a show concept Nancy was developing, that centers around an ensemble cast of colorful characters who inherit the beloved dive bar where they were regulars while in college, when the owner passes away suddenly. With a shared focus, the passion required to work in this crazy industry, and the ability to refuse no as an answer, these feisty gals from the South agreed to grab  Hollywood by the horns and make it happen.

And that’s exactly what they’ve done. THE BAR, a new comedy web-series, and the very first project from Bless Her Heart Productions, LLC, will be coming to a small screen near you very soon!


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Some feisty Southern gals moving and shaking the pillars of Hollywood!!