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Happy 4th of July, y’all!!

Hey there! Sure hope everyone is having a great Fourth of July!

Exciting things are happening here at Bless Her Heart Productions, and we’re happier than a pyromaniac with a pocket full o’ matches!  We’ve extended our campaign to allow plenty more time for y’all to get in on the action and claim the goodies we’re offering in exchange for your generous donations! But that doesn’t mean you should wait to donate (hint, hint).

Mostly because we’ve added some extra perks for a limited time only, and you don’t wanna miss out! Watch below as Agnes and Tank tell you all about the new perks and how you can get them!

As always, thanks so much for your support and donations! It really means a lot, and we are looking so forward to bringing you much more from the gang at Buster’s!!

So enjoy yourself today, be safe and make sure to tell everyone you know about THE BAR on Indiegogo. We are inching towards our goal…but we can only make it with your help 🙂


The BEST PERK we have to offer!!!

Hey y’all!! Just checking in to give everybody an update…
We’ve extended our campaign to give y’all plenty more time to  DONATE to THE BAR and say you’re a fancy pants producer!!

Watch below as JoAnn and Tank talk about one of the BEST perks we have to offer in exchange for your generous donation. Trust me, you don’t want to miss out on this one!

Are you hungry yet? Want the Bless Her Heart gals to show you our outstanding cooking skills? Then get on the ball and donate, y’all! Oh, and run your mouth to all your friends about it too 🙂



T.K. Babysits. Well…sort of.

As we’ve mentioned before, there are some outstanding perks if you donate to the Indiegogo campaign for THE BAR. Watch below as T.K. explains all about our $100 incentive, that includes FOUR HOURS OF BABYSITTING! That’s a deal y’all 🙂 

Now, go on…DONATE. And share the campaign with all your friends. Pretty please?  So we can make sure T.K. sticks to thinking she works at Buster’s and NOT looking after your young ‘uns 🙂

Oh, and last but not least…. INDIEGOGO GAVE US ANOTHER SHOUT OUT THIS MORNING!!! Check it out:

INDIEGOGO gave THE BAR a shout-out!!!

If you have any doubts AT ALL about which campaign to donate to on Indiegogo, this should clear those right up! THEY GAVE US A SHOUT-OUT ON TWITTER, Y’ALL!!

So please keep the momentum going by DONATING and SHARING on Facebook and Twitter! We really wanna reach our goal so we can bring you more hilarious antics from the gang at Buster’s 🙂
Oh, and if you aren’t busy tomorrow night and want to come out and hang with us, all the info is right here.


Friday the 13th is NEVER scary at Buster’s!!


Hey fabulous supporters of THE BAR!

On account of your good manners and kindly donations, TK will be sidled up to the bar fulfilling her promise of a free shot at Buster’s (aka Little Bar) this Friday, June 13th from 7-10pm!


Of course the rest of us would never allow TK to have all the fun, so you’ll likely get to meet JoAnn, Trey, Agnes and Ellie as well. 


Wheeler’ll probably be there too. Keepin’ TK in line and remindin’ her she DOESN’T work at Buster’s.


Oh, and if we’re REALLY lucky…Tank will grace us with his always wise presence as well!


We understand some of you are out-of-towners, so we’ll be sharing photos and drinking your shot for you!


Special bonus: anyone who shows up and contributes $25 or more to our Indiegogo campaign on the spot, gets a cocktail on us! So, tell your friends to head on over this Friday night!

Little Bar
757 S. La Brea
LA, CA 90036
parking avail on La Brea after 7pm!

Love Ya’ll!!
the Bless Her Heart Gals


It’s kinda like herding cats, y’all.

It takes a lot to make a successful comedy series. What, you ask? For starters you need a great concept and story centered around a solid cast of characters. We’ve got that. Add on a kick-ass writer to give it a voice. We’ve DEFINITELY got that. Next you need an amazing director,  dedicated producers and a talented ensemble cast of actors to bring it to life. Check, check and check! So what are we missing?
That’s where y’all come in. If you love what you see in our trailer, and are itching to see more from the gang at Buster’s….Please visit our official Indiegogo page for THE BAR, donate to the campaign if you can, share it with all your peeps on Facebook, follow us on Twitter and retweet our tweets! That way, you can brag about helping bring the scripts pictured below from page to screen!!
Thanks y’all 🙂

Let’s get this tractor cranked up and runnin’, y’all!


Now you can not only watch a sneak peek of our comedy web-series, THE BAR, you have the chance to donate to our Indiegogo campaign and help us show you much more than just a teaser. With help from y’all, we’ll be able to bring you 6 webisodes, so you can laugh ’til it hurts, and fall in love with the whole gang at Buster’s!

No sweat if you can’t donate though. Just sharing our campaign with everyone you know via email, Facebook, Twitter…carrier pigeon… or whatever, will make us happier than a tick on fat dog 🙂

So get on the stick,  and visit our Indiegogo campaign page NOW!!


Well, slap yer mama… the countdown is on!

Remember when I said to check back often, because exciting things were brewing?  Well…we gals at Bless Her Heart Productions never disappoint!


We are beside ourselves, because our OFFICIAL campaign kicks off THIS SUNDAY, June 1st!!!

What’s that mean for you? It means you can be a fancy pants producer and help bring our comedy web series, THE BAR, from page to screen. Talk about livin’ high on the hog! 

Oh, and let’s not forget about THE PERKS! We have everything from logo shot glasses and happy hour with us gals, to home-cooked meals and WALK-ON ROLES in the show to offer. 

So make sure to ‘LIKE’ us on Facebook & follow us on Twitter for updates on how to join the party and tailgate with us! And please don’t be shy…SHARE, SHARE, SHARE!! 


Welcome to the home of Bless Her Heart Productions, LLC!!   Lots of  exciting things brewing with our upcoming web series



 So check back often to see what’s new!  Oh and be a doll, would you….Hop on over to Facebook and ‘like’ our page here.

Thanks for stopping by!