It’s kinda like herding cats, y’all.

It takes a lot to make a successful comedy series. What, you ask? For starters you need a great concept and story centered around a solid cast of characters. We’ve got that. Add on a kick-ass writer to give it a voice. We’ve DEFINITELY got that. Next you need an amazing director,  dedicated producers and a talented ensemble cast of actors to bring it to life. Check, check and check! So what are we missing?
That’s where y’all come in. If you love what you see in our trailer, and are itching to see more from the gang at Buster’s….Please visit our official Indiegogo page for THE BAR, donate to the campaign if you can, share it with all your peeps on Facebook, follow us on Twitter and retweet our tweets! That way, you can brag about helping bring the scripts pictured below from page to screen!!
Thanks y’all 🙂