Y’all funded. Shooting wrapped. Now we’re editing!!

From the looks on our tailgaters’ faces…. exciting things are happening!!


Okay y’all. We’ve pretty much done the impossible. Are y’all ready to hear all about it? I thought so.

We wrapped shooting on not only our original goal of 6 episodes, but also 4 additional ones, for a total of TEN EPISODES! That’s right, with your amazing contributions we have a 10-episode season that we’ll begin releasing as soon as we have completed the editing process. Oh, and did I mention we were able to shoot it in just 3 days? That was due to the relentless dedication and professionalism of the cast and crew we are fortunate to have on this project.

However, NONE of it would’ve been possible without the belief  of those who generously  contributed to  our Indiegogo campaign by donating, sharing the link and making sure we reached our goal. So we wish to thank the following folks for taking a chance and truly helping make our dream a reality. 

Dr. Robert and Nanci Flores               Cara Desvigne

Jessica Stepp                                                Michael Minkler

                   Dr. Jon Blake                                                 John and Nancy Ross

                 Don and Betty Porterfield                      Jeff and Missy Lynn

                 Marla Soole                                                     Jack Hidary

                 Moosie & Clayton Drier                           Paul Lynn

                 Newell & Rosemary Alexander           Gwen Rodney

                John Davidson                                                Virginia Smith

                Karen Bristing                                                 Jaclyn Gerchenson

               Marc Collins                                                     Darrin Ellis

               Lana Imabagliazzo                                        Laura Davis

               Deborah Hallman                                          Karla Reyes Cooper

               Ashley & Stephen Taylor                           Seth Cover

               Nikki Makar                                                      Robert Cox

               Terri Giuditta                                                   Adrian Shrider

               Chris Basso                                                       Andy Lipscomb

               Sophia  Lee                                                        Grace Bustos

              Chris Totty                                                          Lynnanne Zager

              Dave McMoyler                                              Chandra Scofield

              Laurie Summerall                                           Carla and Dan Lynn

              Charlene Lee                                                     Eric Harrison Brown

               Susan Norton                                                   Lindsey Shelton

               Colleen Davie Janes                                     Carly Hallman

                Debra Powells                                                 Rose Shawhan

               Monica  Forouzesh                                        Ami Shukla

               Gina Hughes                                                     Larissa Carpenter

               Levi Holiman                                                    Kim Poirier

               Paul Gautreaux                                               Elizabeth Drier

               Valerie Griffiths                                              Richard Hallman

              Melissa and Brock Burnett                        Matt Dahan

              Brenda Knox                                                     Colene Davidson 

              Tania Verafield                                                 Emma Minkler 

              Stephanie Weber                                             Lisa Packer

              Leanne Bishop                                                   Meredith Spidel

              Christi Martin                                                    Dianne Nichols

              Steven Cross                                                       Lyn Woodward

              Victoria Vacarro                                               Michael Maize

And  of course, last but not least…. a huge thank you to our families, who were patient with us while enduring long, late-night production meetings, location scouting trips, disastrous homes strewn with props and wardrobe, endless hours on the phone or computer, frozen dinners or takeout instead of home cooked meals, incessant begging for them to be background actors or crew members, and  general crankiness when sh*t occasionally hit the fan . Y’all are the best and we love you more than Bama fans love The Crimson Tide being #1 in the playoff polls right now!!

Have a safe and Happy Thanksgiving!


The Bless Her Heart Gals